Car Detailing

Vehicle Detailing

Give your vehicle the show-room finish it deserves!

Vehicle Detailing

Has your vehicle lost its luster? WE GOTCHA COVERED! Bring your vehicle to Gotcha Covered to give your vehicle the showroom finish that it deserves! With the best team and quality products, your vehicle will get the royal treatment that will turn heads. Our detailing services include:

  • Hand Car Wash
  • Wash & Wax
  • Interior Detailing
  • Exterior Detailing
  • Full Detailing
  • Ceramic Pro Coatings

Full-Service & Affordable Automotive Detailing

Even the newest and nicest cars look unappealing under a thin film of dust and dirt. Restore the original luster of your vehicle with our car wash and wax service. With our hand car wash service, we create an impressive look that you simply can’t get from drive-through car washes. We believe you deserve superior-quality car cleaning and auto detailing. That’s why we wash your car by hand – removing stubborn dirt, tar, and residue. After that, we’ll also provide car waxing as well as interior and exterior cleaning.

Why drive around in your dirty vehicle because you don’t have time to clean it? With our detailing service, we’ll take your vehicle’s appearance to the next level. Combining affordable prices with high-quality cleaning work, we are able to make your vehicle look like you just bought it from the dealership, but without the high price tag.

* Vehicle detailing is subject to availability. Owners have the right to decline the job. *

Vehicle Detailing Packages:

Full Exterior Detail

  • exterior wash

  • remove bugs & road tar

  • clay, buff & hand wax exterior paint

  • clean & dress rims, tires, & wheel wells

  • clean door jambs

  • detail all cracks & crevices interior vacuum

  • clean windows, air freshener.

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Full Interior Detail

  • vacuum & steam clean all carpets
  • floor mats & upholstery
  • clean & condition leather/vinyl
  • detail dash
  • clean headliner, windows, door jambs, air freshener
  • Includes exterior hand wash
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Full Exterior & Interior Detail

  • Includes everything in the Exterior & Interior detail package.

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