Protect your car from road tar, and rock chips. According to the Kelly Blue Book, the resale value of a car with paint protection film is 10% higher than a car without paint protection film. Paint Protection Film is used on the bumpers and hood of car, as well as on door handles and doors to prevent paint chips and scratches from doors, fingernails and keys.

All paint protection film are designed to fit your car either by custom fitting or by the use of 3M Digital Designs II™ software and a computerized plotter that will cut parts that have already been test fitted by 3M Design group. Our prices are based on type of film, job complexity, and fair labor costs.

Window tint will help maintain the interior of the car by keeping things cool and preventing the cracking, peeling, and discoloring that happens over time from the sun. This helps the interior of the car look newer, leading to the car to retain its resale value. Window tint also helps reduce the glare, making driving more enjoyable as well as making cars look sleeker.

All window tint film is cut and fitted with the use of a computerized plotter and fitted onto the windows for proper fit, saving time and money on the installation process.

From polishing and restoring the car's original paint finish to carpet cleaning and leather treatment, professionals at Gotcha Covered Superior Paint Protection™ can help you maintain your car like the day you got it.

Contact us today to learn more about the different levels and rates to maintain your car today.

Have a couple of paint chips from road debris hitting your car, or a new aftermarket front bumper that you would like to have painted and have paint protection film applied? Gotcha Covered can help you with that.

*- The paint shop is only available at the Calverton, NY location and is subject to availability. Owners have the right to decline the job.